About Us
Connection Consultants, LLC and The Non-Profit Consortium, Inc. offer consulting services to established non-profit organizations, those who are interested in creating non- profits, entrepreneurs looking to start a business and small business owners who wish to expand. Our company was created to start everyday people on the right path to success. Starting a non-profit can be very rewarding, but working with an experienced team is essential. Through the Non-profit Consortium, Inc., we give non-profits the tools they need to not only survive, but to thrive. We adapt methods traditionally used in the “for profit sector” to enable non-profits to focus fully on implementing programs, raising money, and delivering the services they are most passionate about. By focusing on the bottom line of social good and fiscal responsibility, non-profits are better equipped to become self-sustaining. As business owners we appreciate the kind of assistance entrepreneurs need to succeed.
At Connection Consultants, LLC we help them think through the process of starting a business and offer business coaching to help them plan for and attain success. Training programs and related services offered through the financial coaching to help enterprising men and women develop required skills and resources while fostering a broader culture of entrepreneurship.
We are successful because we connect nonprofits and for profits to the resources they need to grow; strengthen organizations by giving them the tools they need to prosper; and maximize their ability to expand through coaching, training, and strategic planning.
1229 Royal Drive Suite E Conyers, GA 30094
678-463-7725 cherylboard@att.net